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Bloody Text


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NOTE: This effect will come out different each time. Sometimes it will look great sometimes it will not look so great.

This is a sample output:


Step 1: Start with a blank document. I used 300x300


Step 2: Write the text wished to be written in blood.


Step 3: Duplicate the layer.


Step 4: Select the bottom layer and add a jitter to it.



Step 5: Get rid of the jitter above the letters.



Step 6: Add a motion blur to the jitter layer.



Step 7: Add a motion blur to the text layer with less blur this time. I used 11 for distance.


Step 8: Merge the layers together and add a gausian blur.



And as always, here's a cool effect you can add on.


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In steps 6 and 7, instead of using motion blur, I would recommend flattening the image, use the magic want to shift click a red area, then using Selection > Bevel which can be found here: viewtopic.php?f=16&t=26238

Using a lighter shade of red for the highlight color and a darker shade for the shadow color, you can really add some depth to the lettering.

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Like BoltBait said, I used the Bevel Selection plugin to add depth to the blood drops, after using Jitter and Median

And I intended mine to look like the text was in front, by using Bevel selection on the text layer as well. I didn't care for the way it looked with the blood coming right off the letters the first time.

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:? ummm... i dont have the jitter effect?is this an issue with the version? or is it a plugin? oh well still a very good tut good job

It's a plugin.


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