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Bug with Magic Wand and paint bucket?

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I think I've found a bug where the magic wand selects everything in the whole picture. I tested this by making a new file, making it all white and drawing a black square. The magic wand picked up everything including the black square which was against a white background.

Also, the paint bucket doesn't always fill in an area. that it's meant to.

e.g. before filling w/1 square outline


When I fill w/the paint bucket inside the square.



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it depends what your tolerance is set to.

In those screenshots your tolerance is set to 100%.

Basically, the higher the tolerance, the more of the image the paintbrush will fill depending on the variation of adjacent pixel colors.

It is hard to explain, but just slide your tolerance bar to something lower. At 100% it will fill or select the whole canvas.


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No, you're missing the point: I'm not trying to make it harder, I'm trying to prevent accidents. People accidentally set this thing to 0 or 100% all the time (I get e-mails asking questions like this all the time, "why is the paint bucket broken"). The user is aiming for a nearby tool or other UI control and they accidentally click on the Tolerance widget. I've seen it happen, the user isn't even aware of it.

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