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need info of what exactly is in basic paint net re effects.

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I see a lot of requests lately for tuts with out plugins.

the stripped down version if I check in F1 and look in effects is that the naked version? (with no added plugins).

It might be difficult to come up with anything that basic. I'll have to think on what is possible.

I've so many plugins and use them all the time, I can't recall what the basic is.



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I agree ...... and off hand I can not think of one decent thing I can show them to do without a plugin.

So guess its not going to happen folks, take the plunge download a few plugins.

If you are timid try at least downloading either BoltBaits, Pyrochilds, or Madjiks pkgs. Simon wrote the brushes one and that seems real popular. There are so many good ones other than these but for a starter they should give you a broad idea of how powerful this program is.

As you get more familiar and comfortable add on as required.

ciao OMA

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