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Pazik's little gallery


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Hello everyone.

I am a new user of PDN. I started using it about 2 weeks ago. (Although I downloaded it long before then, but never had time for it)

So I made a bunch of pictures for myself, and decided to upload them.

I hope you guys like them.

This is the first thing I made: ----- An abstract creation:

tha1.jpg thfireandice.jpg

Here are some screen shots from Garry's mod, edited in PDN.


I made the background of the last picture using a grid for spacing. The day after I made it, I found the "light rays" tool in the forums... What a waste of time.

The Russian words on the third picture are: Freedom. Brotherhood. Revolution.

This is my dog, edited to look like he is in Portal. (I know, it's not correct)


My attempt at making a room (using the texture tutorial for hard wood floors):


Here is a green abstract thing I made while testing the hexagon grid plugin.


And finally, this last picture:


Added January 21, 2009:


I am new to this program, so anything I can do to get better would be nice to know. :D

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Pretty good. I like your images. Vy po ruski mozhete govoreet? I noticed some familiar words. :wink:

Ні. Я є Український. :wink:

Although I still understood and could reply to it :P

I used a Russian translator. The words are familiar to me also, but not all the same as in Ukrainian.

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