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Opentype fonts in v3.36 - do they work?

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I have an Opentype font that I was able to access in a previous version of Paint but for some reason v3.36 does not recognise the font (I had to reformat my computer and install v3.36).

Does v3.36 not support Opentype fonts? Or is there a quick tip I need to know in order to get the font to work. The font I need to access is part of a brand identity so I really need to use it as I'm currently working on a job that needs it.

The font is ITC Avant Garde Book.

Hope someone can help me out.


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Thanks Simon, but I'm only a basic user of Paint and excuse my ignorance but I don't understand what you mean by:

"best bet is to write your text in Paint and copy it accross (running colour to alpha if you need transparency)".

I'm trying to create text to be used on a website and need it to be in the specific Avant Garde font.

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