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Advanced Color Replacement

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This plugin is like a more useful version of the color replacement tool. Whereas the standard tool merely paints over pixels if they're close enough to the secondary color, this plugin recolors every pixel a different amount based on how similar it is to the secondary color.

For example I'll use this colorful image:




Here's the built in tool replacing pink with cyan at about 30%:




Notice the ugly, harsh edges and how some pinkish parts of the image are entirely untouched.


Now my plugin replacing pink with cyan:




No more ugly edges! My plugin changes all pixels of the image based on how similar each is to the secondary color.




*Threshold changes how strongly pixels are recolored based on how similar they are to the secondary color

*Roughness changes how quickly the recolor effect falls off after the threshold is passed when continuous replacement is selected. Lower values look 'nicer' but tend to give the image an overall tint

*Continuous replacement recolors all pixels different amounts and looks really nice. Cutoff works similar to the normal tool as pixels over the threshold are not recolored at all - recolored pixels however are colored more 'accurately' than with the built-in tool.

Note that this plugin works like the built-in tool inasmuch as the color used and the color replaced are the primary and secondary colors in the palette, respectively.






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10 minutes ago, Svengali said:

What I supposed to do with the junk named "12635_2955e8ebabf0b67a6ffc3280a689423a"?


Some older attachments got scrambled during the forum upgrades, you need to rename the  "12635_2955e8ebabf0b67a6ffc3280a689423a" file and add a .zip extension.

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Images rehosted thanks to @ReMake

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