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Drumline logos

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What do you guys think of these logos i made for my band.

We are the Fruitland High school Marching band, Colors Orange/black

I was having a really hard time making them look cool....then i flattend the PDN and bumped up the conrast and wa la. Freaking cool logos



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wow they look really awesome. The only bag thing is the jaggedness in some places.

Well if the paint.net text tool wasnt such a peice of bloody potato, its so hard to make good text, its almost easyer to go make your text in word and then bring it into your picture

speaking of text, how do i get more fonts in paint.net?

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Download them then go to control panel> Fonts and then install new fonts (I dunno if it is like this, my windows is in portuguese...)
Yes, it's like this. Btw, Instead of "installing" the fonts, you can just copy&paste or drag&drop them there :D
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