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Selective Enhancement Plugin v1.1


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Hi everybody!

After browsing for some plugins and finally taking a look at "Code Lab", I eventually decided to create my own plugin: (to be found in the "Color" submenu)

*Updated V1.1*

Blending Modes directly applicable


Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/o10l8o28xcc3n51/selective_enhancement_v1.1.zip?dl=0


Source code (for programmers): https://www.dropbox.com/s/dkf5x9ohhtchzvl/selective_enhancement_source_1_1.zip?dl=0


It will spread out or push together colors close to the selected one and was useful for some of my manipulations. The two following pictures show the effect. You can also get some nice contrast enhancement by choosing black as the base color something like ~-10 for the enhancement factor and some playing around with "Black (Input)" and "White (Input)".

User Interface:



Demo 1:



Demo 2:


(uses blend mode "color burn" and reduced "White (Output)" value)


Demo 3:


(in hints under "poppy effect" is explained how to get this)


Hints on usage:

* Basic idea: Select a color, slide enhancement slider and then slide input black and white sliders closer together

* Tone an image: Select a color, slide enhancement slider to negative values.

* Contrast enhancement: Select black or white and slide enhancement slider to negative values. If black is selected slide input white to the left, if white is selected slide input black to the left.

* Contrast enhancement 2: Slide color to a medium grey and enhancement slider to positive values. Slide input black and white more towards the middle.

* Some poppy effect: Select a saturated color opposite to the effect color you want. Slide enhancement to high values.

* Blending: Play around with the output white slider, too. It has the analogue function for blending, as the slider in layer blending options.


Outline of how it works:

* Pixel RGB values are converted to double precision floating point values from 0.0 to 1.0

* Selected color is then subtracted, sign and value stored separately

* A power function with exponent depending on the enhancement slider is applied. This pushes the pixel color towards or away from the selected color

* The modified offset is applied to the selected base color

* The input black and white values are used to cut out a range of colors and scale the to the output colors (like some basic histogram change), (conversion back to integer is performed afterwards!)

* Output colors are blended to original image (if box is checked)

I hope you like my first post, :wink:

best regards,



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