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A cool background, how to do it in Paint net?

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Hi all,

Im all new to paint net. After using photoshop in so many years,

I just wanted to try something new. Im so happy I found paint net - its really great!

The other day I found such a cool background and I wanted to try to make it myself in paint .. but no luck :oops:

Are there any brilliant minds out there who can tell me if its possible to make something like this?

The flames and the bike I can do .. but the red dotted background were harder. I tried using a beehive pattern.. no suck luck..


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There are many solutions:

1. Use Glass Blocks.

2. Ed Harvey's Halftone plugin.

3. Some of the halftone patterns you can use, look at the Help File for further details.

4. Download Simon Brown's custom brushes -plugin and search for custom brushes in deviantART.

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