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Pressure sensitive drawing not working


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I bought a Wacom Volito2 and i can use it in Windows (Vista) but the problem is that in P.Net i can't make it draw thicker lines (using brush) if i press the pen harder on the tablet, so it looks like its not pressure sensitive.

I have the latest drivers from wacom. The tablet and pen work fine just not the pressure sensitive thing.

Windows Vista Homa Premium all updates

P.Net 3.36.3158.38068

Anyone have a suggestion how to fix this?

ps. i searched and read the threads regarding drawing tablets :)


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It all depends on the driver...

Pressure support might not even be included in future versions of Paint.NET. I'm not convinced it's used by enough users, and it causes major problems on the development side. Removing it will allow progress in other areas to be made much, much quicker.

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

Donations are always appreciated! https://www.getpaint.net/donate.html


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I'm going to have to reply to the previous comment about how often pressure sensitivity is used. I use it, so add one to the count! Being the good little boyscout I am I just updated all my art programs free and paid (Artrage Pro edition! Glee!) Obviously Paint.net is a staple in my tool box for clean, quick photo edits that don't take 5 minutes to load on my limited processor-power tablet PC (omg, Adobe Premiere.) To my utter horror, the new version doesn't have pressure sensitivity. I'm currently scrambling to find the old install file--scouring mega upload, forums, etc.,

See, the N-trig technology used in the lower priced, but better hardware tablet PCs uses Microsoft's tablet API, not WinTab which is what every other program in the world uses. So, when I purchased this tablet PC I traded my ability to use lots of programs with pressure sensitivity for a faster processor and finger & pen touch (finger painting on my PC is a blast.) I, at time of purchasing was limited to Paint.net, ArtRage, and a handful of other lesser known programs. Now that I updated Paint.net my ability to produce work on this PC is severely limited. Until I get the brush tool back, the workhorse of my editing suite, Paint.net no longer functions in the way I use it most.

I know a small hoard of HP Tablet PC users have been directed to Paint.net by the two most popular forum threads on the topic on HP.com and Adobe.com. Perhaps a pity link to an old install version (yes I'm aware you don't like posting those) for all of us who purchased N-trig based devices could be offered?

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