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Click Click Click! A worldwide competition!


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By popular request, here is the Click Click Click thread!

First of all, a link: Click Click Click Homepage

Now, to tell you what this is all a bout: this is a worldwide competition, where you can click for your country. The competition extends throughout the year, split up into numeroues "games". Each game lasts a specifie amount of time, and the top six of each game get points, which contribute to their overall score.

Tips and Tricks:

  • If you click 18 times, you unlock autoclick!
    Furthermore, if you click 50 times (without using autoclick), you get turboclick!
    You can only have 1 CCC session open on a single computer, however if you have multiple computers, then you can have a game on each of those!

I think that's all, so go and do some clicking *cough*for Britain!*cough*

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Hmmmm. Interpret them as you will Sozo :P bas4a? 38n78? Not making me dance. :|

I'm one of the only Kiwi's clicking lol and at 38th it seems a little intimidating lol. :)

EDIT - Is it just me or does the clicking stop on 979, and you can't click anymore?


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