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Need Help Pulling Light Textures From Pic

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Well... i hav pic w/ a light texture that i have been tryin 2 pull so i can use it in makin a new sig for tha last week or so... and i think its time 2 ask for some help in it... mainly b/c i am a noob at paint.net (stinks but tru)

so can anyone share their knowlege w/ me :D

and 4 tha sake of tha pic jus bein so big... heres tha URL


Simple... Easy... Lookz Good... Why Are We Still Talkin???


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No cutting or selecting is needed whatsoever. Just add the image onto a new layer, and set the blend mode to "Screen." The black will become transparent and ligher areas will be more visible. Tip: You might want to go to Brightness/Contrast and turn the contrast slider up a little first, it makes the black, well, blacker.

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