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Thanks! You have a nice avatar. :mrgreen: If anyone would like to know what I'm interested in well here you go. I love the Blockland forums.I play games like Half life,Portal,Gmod,Blockland,and much more. My favorite color is blue. I love to paint things in PDN.

IT'S OVER 9000!!11!!1!!1!1ONE!!11!!OEN

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Good greetings and salutations, EvilMuffinZ!

It's always good to welcome new people though the Forum gates.

Before you post again, it would be fantastic if you'd take a few minutes to digest the Rules, just so you're not caught off-guard with a topic of yours - the most common slip up is topic titles ;). You can find them here, from the main Index page: viewtopic.php?f=20&t=3446

Keep and eye on the Tutorial Guidelines as well.

We all hope to see grand pieces of artwork from you if you like drawing on Paint.NET. You can even start your own personal gallery in the Pictorium to showcase your works. Happy posting.

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