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Using paint bucket to set exact color

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I'm having trouble performing a very basic task with the latest version of Paint.NET (3.36). I want to use the paint bucket tool to set the RGBA color of a region. However, when I use the color picker tool after painting the region, the color value is not the same as the color I painted with. The following steps demonstrate my problem:

  1. [*:vzbk7c2m]Create a new image
    [*:vzbk7c2m]Set primary RGB color to (179,179,179) and the alpha to 1
    [*:vzbk7c2m]Select the paint bucket tool
    [*:vzbk7c2m]Set blend mode to overwrite
    [*:vzbk7c2m]Apply paint bucket to image
    [*:vzbk7c2m]Use color picker on image
    [*:vzbk7c2m]Selected RGB color is (255,255,255), NOT (179,179,179)

I'm new to Paint.NET so I'm sure I'm doing something really dumb. Does anybody know how to set the exact RGBA color of a region?


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