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Absolute newcomer to Paint.net

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Hi, I,ve just discovered Paint.net on my Windows Vista Home Basic set-up.

Though I am not naturally tech-minded I like to think I'm artistic and would like to experiment with some superimposing of parts of one photo stored in my Windows Photo Gallery onto another photo. Something simple like taking a person out of a photo and setting them in a photo with a better background.

As I say I'm not tech-minded but am a quick learner and am able to follow instructions!!

I dont seem to be able to locate a Users Guide to Paint so am trying things by trial and error which is very time consuming and I'm sure I could learn quicker with a Guide. I appreciate there are Tutorials available but I feel I need some REAL basics.

Can anyone either point me in the right direction or just give me a step by step guide to superimposing photos?

Many thanks in advance

Derek (Age 63)

Northampton UK

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