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trying to edit pictures into icons

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I'm trying to build a new theme for my phone and am trying to get the rounded rectangle look for the icons. is there a simple way to do this?

Also, can I create pictures that will be inherently translucent (also for the phone) so what when a wallpaper is selected, you will be able to kinda see it beneath the translucent banner?

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Hello charlybrwn.

Ah, you're into phone themes, are you? Very good.

...rounded rectangle...
You have two options available to you for this:

  1. [*:ypzb700m]the Rounded Rectangle shapes tool ( :RoundedRectangleTool: ) with a variety of fill/outline styles (found along the top-left when the tool is active ( :ShapeOutline: , :ShapeInterior: , :ShapeBoth: )) - but this does have it's limitations; or
Rounded Corners plugin, which allows for corner radius to be set as well as corner fill.

Also, can I create pictures that will be inherently translucent (also for the phone)...
For this, you have another two options to choose from, in the form of file formats. When you come to save (File > Save (As)), either choose PNG or GIF.

PNG is completely lossless - meaning you will not loose any colour information nor quality - and it can handle the image's alpha values (transparency), however this can lead to a bloated file size. For small icons of this nature, which might not contain a great many number of colours, GIF would be better suited as not only does it support alpha data, but also a small palette as well, thus conserving file size. Although, the transparency is not as forgiving as PNG - it either is or is not transparent, leading to jagged edges.

Sometimes you can get away with PNG's file size, or see it a worthy sacrifice against GIF's transparency abilities. Either way, the choice is yours.

I hope something of this helps.

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thanks, man. that's perfect.

i'm kind of sorry i didn't check back until now though, i already painstakingly edited the images by zooming in and using the lasso selection tool... too bad

but for future reference, do you just copy paste that rounded corners dll into the Paint.NET program files part? or how do u install it?

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