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Animated Image 2.4 - AGIF & APNG

Simon Brown

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Whit this plugin and saving as *.agif, there is only one way to achieve the transparent background, but remember this only applies on a fully transparent background ( that means no semi transparent, don't anti-aliasing or feathering the edges)

Anyways the trick is:

After you done from all your frames, take the Magic Wand and select every part you want it to be transparent ( even if it is appearing as transparent in the layer)and delete it by hitting the Delete button/key on your keyboard, repeat this on all the frames then save the file as *.agif )good luck.

( Important: this should be the most/final/last step, any modification or resizing or any small touch on any layer after this step will ruin the transparency of some frames if not the whole work after saving)

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Here is a plugin to open and save animated GIFs, one frame into each layer. You will have to rename them to .agif to be imported and rename them after saving (I did this to avoid conflict with the built-in GIF handler). Place this plugin in the FileTypes folder.

Hidden Content:
[reason]Update Log[/reason]


  • [*:34d4ouf2]Adds support for saving as well.


  • [*:34d4ouf2]Allows one to select the delay between frames.
    [*:34d4ouf2]Allows selection of number of times to loop.


  • [*:34d4ouf2]Adds the ability to add APNG support.

Hidden Content:
[reason]How to add APNG support[/reason]

By default, this plugin doesn't support the saving of animated PNGs, but you can add support for them by following these instructions. The plugin doesn't include this command-line tool by default due to its license, which forbids redistribution. Note that to add APNG support you will need the Java runtime v5 or later.

To add support for APNG saving, download the "library/command line" file from this site. Then unzip it, open the "japng" folder and copy "japng.jar" to your "Paint.NET user files" folder. You should now see a new option when saving: APNG. Note that files saved with this FileType should have their extension changed to "PNG."

This plugin uses code written by Rick van den Bosch.

Wait, whenever I insert a picture on each layer and save em to .agif and scave it as .apng it says error.

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This plugin is great Simon, thank you so much for this. I've been using is mostly for animated PNG so far.

Request: Can you make the delay between frames longer?

I've made an animated PNG that goes through a bunch of photographs, but even using the maximum length for delay between frames, it still goes through way too fast.

Thanks again and keep up the great work!

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I really dont want to sound stupid, but need some help getting this to work.

I have downloaded and unzipped the AnimGIF.dll into my file types folder, the accompanying

SBCommon.dll is/has been in the effects directory and/or the file types directory. But

there is no plugin i can see... And there is no history of plugin load errors in the Utilities menu either....

I just am asking, where do i find the plugin? as it does not appear

in ANY of the menus or sub menus inside PaintNet.

I dont want to waste anybodies time here, but would appreciate some advice.



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Ok, Thankyou, I apologise for seeming sloooooooow!

I have opened PaintNet, created a multi layered file, and saved it as an agif.

On renaming it to a gif, i can run it in the Quicktime player.

I am still trying to understand..... Is that it?, as on reading this thread,

it seems as if you all are setting frame rates and manipulating several other

things in the image with the 'NEW' plug in.

Its frustrating, I am trying to understand, and I am not used to working with images,

IS the option to save in agif format, NEW..?

I can indeed create animated Gifs, in a multi layered file, and run it in a viewer,

although I have no idea how I can post one here that is playing on the screen as others have done :D .

I am sorry if i have missed the point, and thank you for your patience



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Thankyou Simon,

All is very clear now, I have setup the *.apng file type as well, I believe someone has said the

image quality does not degrade.

I have been using and programming pc's for a long time, casually, and its suprising how 'pidgeon holed'

its possible to get..... :lol:

I never realised that, from what I have read on this thread, gif animation was a 'WOW' breakthrough.

But I now understand, and with the power and flexibility, that is PaintNet, much will be possible.

I normally focus on high performance sequential gearboxes :shock: :P which may explain my complete

mental block! This is all very new to me.

Thanks to all for their invaluable help, its much appreciated

BTW, PaintNet is truely, an astonishing piece of work 8)



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I really like this Plug-in. But I have the image quality problem too. I tried to save as an Apng like what was said here in the posts, but I couldn't find that extension name when I tried to save the picture. Also, I have downloaded Simon's full pack and put it all in the proper place, as well as restarted Paint.net, so that's not the problem. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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