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Animated Image 2.4 - AGIF & APNG

Simon Brown

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ok i so screwed up on my first post

i meant to say when i make animated GIFS not pngs

when i take my image and save as agif the quality goes way down.

ok now second issue, i took the same pdn file, and saved it as apng ..... error while previewing..

ok, so i grab the .apng file and rename it to png.

when i click on it, it doesnt animate. in fact it only shows the bottom layer.

so sorry about my wording, my first issue was the quality for GIFS

and the second is the pngs are not animating.

so if you can please try the same zip file but create an animated gif file.

and see if the quality goes to sh**

the 2 images i posted as well, the first one is the original, and the second one is what happens to it when i save as agif.

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You are saving as an animated GIF, which will indeed have lower quality than the original. You want to save an as animated PNG.

ok ya.. i follow ya. but now... well ya read the post right above.

i did it as gif just to see.

but i agree animated png is far better, if i get to work ;)

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Animated GIF only supports up to 256 colors*, hence the low quality.

Animated PNG is not widely supported yet. You need a program capable of viewing them, such as Mozilla Firefox 3.0 and later.

*I think.


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ok, i dont run firefox.

I am a web developer.

So i need to create images that will work universally accrossed all platforms.

So i need to take the oldest of anything, and make it work.

If i use firefox, and create images, and a person who uses IE looks at a site, or whatnot...

well you see what im saying.

So i run IE6

I develop flash 8

this way everything i do is compatible at all times.

if flash player is at 10. i publish at 9

so thats the short story of gif quality and my need.

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Since the gif lacks the quality, how the heck do i make the apgn work? I placed and extraced the "library/command line" in my in "Paint.NET user files" under my documents folder <.<


This is what i get attempting, i have tryed several combinations of the lib/cmd file and its not working(only the jar and both versions, dropping out rest of the content and again with both versions).

Running it on 32-bit Vista Home Premium.

Dont challange the lazy, he are godlike serius.


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Hmmmm, why is not the fact you are need java 5 or later in the main post? <.<

Edit: Installed and it worked, mention java in the main post. Why i didn't have java on this PC? Opera don't need java, it got a buildt in one so i never got botherd :P

Dont challange the lazy, he are godlike serius.


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Excellent plugin, this is awesome thank you Simon Brown now we can do every thing in Paint.NET no more third party applications.......wow that will save so much time.

I don't know what to say...hmmmthinking.gif....I think I will delete some slow programs from my PC I have like 3 or 4 GIF animators and they are useless now, I love Paint.NET, hey everybody..two.gif ..use..paintsign.gif ....it is the best.

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Yeah, I'd use APNG except that I only know of one browser that supports it. Besides, I've seen high-quality GIF animations, so I know it's possible to make an animator capable of saving them. I don't know if it's easy, though, which is why I worded my initial request as a question.

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