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Animated Image 2.4 - AGIF & APNG

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Secondly, if you could possibly publish an APNG plugin that does the same thing, I would be eternally happy.

I'll try to implement it using the PNG specification and will probably implement it in the same DLL as GIF (I know I wouldn't want one but not the other). Do you know of a small freeware program that can create APNGs for use in testing it?

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I know, i've just found it. ;) Also, I may not be able to add a repeat setting, I was thinking of the API I tried before the sample code (which I had tried before, only I though it wasn't working because of the number of programs that couldn't open the result, which probably didn't support animated GIF!) that I couldn't get to work.

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Lovely plugin. Just two issues:

It doesn't prompt me to specify the delay value for the speed of the animation.


It doesn't ask me if the animation should repeat.


Allows one to select the delay between frames.

Allows selection of number of times to loop.

Simon, you rock!

Click to play:
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I tried a 5-frame APNG, loop animation and 25 delay, ...

"An unspecified error occured while saving the file"

(Mine was in French "Une erreur non spécifiée s'est produite lors de l'enregistrement du fichier")

In case it helps, name was "Test APNG.apng"

I re-tried after with 20 delay and loop, and it worked.

[EDIT] Oh and, after having renamed .apng to .png to upload it, I wanted to change it and I renamed my file from .png to .apng, then tryed to open with PDN.

"An unspecified error occured while opening the file"

(In French "Une erreur non spécifiée s'est produite lors de l'ouverture du fichier")

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Could you say this in the first post please ? I'm sure I'm not the only user who wanted to open APNGs :idea:

But, it's still a really nice plugin.

Oh, and is there a way to show the GIF in the picture box on the right of the settings when you save ? (don't know what's its name in English...sorry)

And a way to know the file size, too (but this isn't really important)

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This is absolutely marvelous! I would like to thank you, and Rick! I think that Rick should maybe possibly think about including this in V4 :D. Or maybe even 3.5!! **Wishful thinking** And could you possibly think about releasing the source code for people like me who learn from examples. If you do, thank you SOO much in advance! :D

Mucho Praise-o!


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It's not clear how to save as an apng... I only see the agif options...

Look in the first post, there are instructions on how to enable it.

This is great and works well for me. I just have one question, When I try to save a transparent background it is saved as a black background. Am I doing something wrong :? or is this a bug, If a bug I hope you'll be able to fix :mrgreen: .

Thanks for a cool plugin

Are you saving as a GIF or an APNG?

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