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Magic wand and deleting what was done

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Say I take a picture of my glasses, due to the reflection and whatnot the magic wand won't select the lenses with one click right? But I can just make a border around them and then just use the magic wand to select what I bordered. Though the border would be in a color, is it possible for me to remove the border in the history without undoing everything done after the border?

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This can be done easily, and without the need for messing with the history, by putting your border on a separate layer and then deleting the layer after you're done using the border.

I've often wondered, though, if it would be feasible to do a history which you could remove and add single items to at will, but I think it would be a major undertaking due to the effects of any given action on all the actions after it. Seems like it would be one heck of a coding job, anyway.

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