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Liquid Rescaler

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Wow...that would be awesome. Good grief, I hope this is possible to implement...I was asking for this a long time ago. :-)


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David. hope pyrochild didn't forget this one. and he hasn't any trouble working out the code.

Ref Re: ScriptLab v2.2 (2008-4-26)

Hidden Content:
No, ScriptLab's window is not resizable. Even if it was, the current size would be set as the minimum, as that's the amount of room required to display all of the elements. You would only be able to make it bigger, not smaller.

barkbark: Yes, that's content aware image resizing, like you might have seen in all those YouTube videos from SIGRAPH and whatnot. It's far from ready, though, and I haven't worked on it in a couple months. I needed a fresh mind. I'll probably start working on it again soon, after a couple of my other projects are out the door. (I guess I forgot to blur that in the top image... it's blurred in the bottom one!)

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yes it would be awesome, but you all will have to check with Pyrochild. That was last April he mentioned seam carving. whatever if anything ever came of it ....well your guess would be a good as mine.


OMA (see everyone I do pay attention to the tech stuff mentioned around here and actually understand 1/10Th :lol: )

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I had the scale-down algorithm working.

You know what would really motivate me to start working on that again? If Paint.NET got an interface for plugins that could resize the canvas.

Better start pestering Rick about it :P


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It's a lot more than UI, oma. Rick would have to design a whole new plugin system. Right now there are only the 2 - Effects and FileTypes. Neither one of them is suited for a resize plugin.

Unless plugin 1 gave the user a colour not in the image, the user resized the canvas with this colour and plugin 2 resized the parts of the image that weren't this colour to cover the whole image.

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