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All sudden random new question.

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First things first, I'm new to the forums so don't yell at me. Ok, here is my question, is there a plugin that could make the line thin at the begining and end. It would help a lot for manga drawers.

i.e. I don't want it like this:


Do want it like this:


I haven't used the search feature because I honestly have no idea what the style of the line being draw is.

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This can be done with straight lines, although not with curved lines, as far as I know. With a straight line, all you need to do is draw it horizontally on its own layer, then Motion Blur at a 0 degree angle. Set the value to your taste. I suppose you could curve the line after tapering it, with Power Stretch or Bulge or some such. Or Hexagonal Distort (I think that's what it's called.)

Photobucket Sucks!

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Its not just one line that I am trying to modify, it could be a drawing with perhaps thousands of lines that would come out this way.

Tablet would be nice if I didn't have to spend money. A litle cheap of me, I know.

Still though, thanks for the help.

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