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A really nice selection you have here. The only problems I really have are that firstly you stretch your images- to me at least, it looks really bad, just try to keep the image heights and widths at the same ratio as much as possible. Secondly some of them seem to not have an entirely great colour scheme, but that is definately more opinion.

Other than that I really like some of the techniques you're employing here, that Overlord sig is brilliant, as is sig no. 12. Really nice stuff, hope to see more from you in the future. :)

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I have to say I'm more of a colorful person and I like brighter images. BUT, I like how you used the darker tones and brought out the beauty of your sigs. Nice job and don't be afraid to post some more. :)

Don't spit into the well, you might drink from it later. -----Yiddish Proverb

Glossy Galaxy Ball---How to Make Foliage
My Gallery

PDN Fans--My DA

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I find it funny that people feel the need to add that kind of thing to their gallery/s first posts on the forum :P

I'm trying to do another but i don't know very well

No, not the picture. I meant that people add "Im porteguese and.." as if that effects the quality of their work :wink:

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