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Plugin idea: equations

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Here's my idea for a plugin. Basically it would let the user input equations that would take RGBA/HSV values as input and would output other RGBA/HSV values. When you hit "ok" the plugin would apply your equation to each pixel of the image individually. I know it doesn't sound that amazing but I think you could do some really cool stuff with it. For example:

The equations

R = B

B = R

would simply switch the red and blue values of every pixel.

If you had a black and white image,

A = 255 - V * 2.55

would make each pixel more transparent the lighter it is. It would be really handy for isolating line art.

Or you could do stuff like

R = R + (S / 100) * (255 - R)

which would increase the redness of each pixel based on how saturated it is.

I have no idea how plugins are coded, so would something like this even be possible?

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Try out Simon's PixelLab. :-)


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Or, if you're brave, CodeLab. The default CodeLab script is the perfect environment to try out your equations.

Just change this section:

// TODO: Add pixel processing code here
           // Access RGBA values this way, for example:
           // CurrentPixel.R = (byte)PrimaryColor.R;
           // CurrentPixel.G = (byte)PrimaryColor.G;
           // CurrentPixel.B = (byte)PrimaryColor.B;
           // CurrentPixel.A = (byte)PrimaryColor.A;

To something like this (based on your switch R with B example):

byte R=CurrentPixel.B;
byte B=CurrentPixel.R;
CurrentPixel.R = R;
CurrentPixel.B = B;


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