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[SotW #19 Now Voting] This Week's Theme: Yourself!

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    • [nlink="jake":28tm3ixz]Jake2K[/nlink:28tm3ixz]
    • [nlink="pip":28tm3ixz]pipp92[/nlink:28tm3ixz]
    • [nlink="surv":28tm3ixz]survulus[/nlink:28tm3ixz]
    • [nlink="wolrd":28tm3ixz]worldnewser[/nlink:28tm3ixz]

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Signature of the Week

Alright, poll ends in two days, so start voting!

~ Jake2K ~


~ pipp92 ~


~ survulus ~


~ worldnewser ~


Well, what can I say: I like to bring back the dead and revive the fallen. As such, I again have decided to bring back the game of SotW to the Paint.NET forums. Since I am unsure as too what is going on regarding the previous winner and his chosing of the theme, I again have decided to select a theme.

The theme I have selected is a much more personal theme. In fact, so personal only you yourself could participate. Now, I bet your ready to hear the selection, so I will point to the thread title for this. This week's theme is yourself. Use this submition to express you, your art, or your feelings. Art is meant to be emotional, so lets bring back SotW with a bit of a bang, shall we?

The deadline for this competition is 23:59 (11:59pm) (PST) on Sunday, January 11th.

To see the current time in PST to compare it with your local time, click here (WorldTimeServer.com).

Check the SOTW Rules!

If your entry breaks any of the rules it will be disqualified.


  • [*:28tm3ixz] Max sig dimensions follow the board's max sig dimensions, 500x150.

  • [*:28tm3ixz] No crude / offensive language, pics, et cetera.

  • [*:28tm3ixz] Sig must follow the set theme.

  • [*:28tm3ixz] Only one entry per person and no modifications to your image are allowed after submitting your entry.

  • [*:28tm3ixz] You must post the URLs to any and all stock images used in your sig.

  • [*:28tm3ixz] You are allowed one post in this topic. That post should include your sig, links to your source images, and, if you feel so inclined, a set of keys to a BMW for me. Placeholders (empty-posting now, editing in a link to your sig later) are not permitted.

For this competition, you must also post the names of the fonts used in your submission.


This thread is for posting your entries only!

If you wish to talk about one of the entries you can do so here.

If a comment or other non-entry post is mistakenly made in this thread, it will be moved without penalty to the discussion thread. Just don't be surprised when it magically jumps over there. :wink:

Good luck all, and thanks for playing! :D


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Ok then, then I decide on making next SOTW's theme tech, just to spice things up :)

...Now the thing is, who's gonna make the next one? Not sure if Mike Ryan is keeping tabs on this anymore. I would make it, certainly, but I think my schedule would get in the way of voting and other things in terms of time. Any volunteers?

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