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{LAotW | 09.01} Memory

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Begin: January 3rd . : | : . End: January 10th, 11:55pm (-6 GTM, or Central)


This weeks theme, as as chosen by last week's winner me, is Memory! Memory can refer to artifacts of the past or the abstracts of memory itself


These are the rules and are to be followed at all times. Breaking these will result in a temporary ban from LAotW at the discretion of the competition official.

  • [*:3g03ieyy] All entries may be of any size, but if larger than 800x600 create a thumbnail linking to the larger version of the artwork
    [*:3g03ieyy]List all stocks used for the creation, including links to the stock images
    [*:3g03ieyy]Only enter once per competition. If you post any entries beyond the first, we will assume that the first entry is your entry!
    [*:3g03ieyy]Only constructive critisism is permitted
    [*:3g03ieyy]Keep all non-entry posts in the
discussion thread


As a reward for winning, you will recieve all of the following:

  • The choice for next week's competition theme
    10 points to your LA Score
    Addition to the Hall of Fame


Nobody added to the '09 Hall of Fame yet... ;)


In the prizes, you said '10 points to your LA Score', what does that mean? As of January 2009, Large Art of the Week revolves around a system called Large Art of the Year. You win this by having the most LA Points (Large Art Points) at the end of the said year. Here is you sign up, gain points, and lose points:

  • [*:3g03ieyy]You are immediately added to the LAotY list by submitting to any LAotW competition
    [*:3g03ieyy]You start off with ten points for each month left in the year (So if you submit in march, you start with 100 LA points)
    [*:3g03ieyy]You gain 10 points for winning a competition
    [*:3g03ieyy]You lose 5 points for losing a competition
    [*:3g03ieyy]You lose 3 points by not entering a competition
    [*:3g03ieyy]If you lost all of your points, you may still enter the LAotW competitions, but cannot continue competing in the LAotY competition
    [*:3g03ieyy]If one or less users are still in the LAotY competition, than all points are reset (That one user will recieve a bonus)


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Well, here goes.


For those who don't understand my entry to its intention, here's an explanation: Memory doesn't have to be associated with the brain only. It can be linked to technology too, Hard Drives have memory, RAM (random access memory), Flash drives, etc. The list is endless. The MacBook Pro has 320GB hard drive memory, and 8GB memory, so it seemed a suitable candidate for what i wanted to do.


MacBook Pro





Merry Christmas


.::.My Gallery.::.Make Gold Text!.::.

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