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Mossy trunk texture

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Most of you has probaly been in a jungle or seen how a jungle looks from a picture. If that is the case, then you also know that the tree trunks in a jungle is mossy and green.

What i am talking about is that i made a branch texture using paint.net, wich you can see down here:


Now i need a new tree trunk texture, because as you see that one looks a little bit - funny. How can i make a trunk texture using only Paint.NET?

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Thank you very much all. About the tutorial: i can't find the right colour for my trunk, as i don't really know how to give it a mossy effect. making it green makes it look like it has been in a tank full of green acid :shock: . But i can still use it for making my own trunk textures for the other trees i need to make for my track.

And about the smudge plugin; it was very hard to control it so instead i deleted the black join lines by:

- duplicate layer

- selecting the leave on the new layer

- Effects -> Selection -> outline

- brush width 1 and black colour

- selecting the black colour

- Going to the old layer and delete the selection

- deleting the outlined layer

- voila :)

Now, i tried to update the textures but appearently the render didn't change at all, so i got nothing to view right now. Does anyone know how i can add moss and other green stuff to a tree trunk?

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think you are trying to over simplify this by doing it all in one pass of shape 3d. .

if you were to draw a tree trunk on paper and color it in. would you not then go back in and add the moss over top? in multiple colors of green. (don't forget to clik the more button on the color wheel...you can then change the sliders to better greens) I haven't been in a jungle but I don't think moss coats a tree trunk in an even layer all around its sort of in clumps here and there. so saying that its going to be adding multiple layers I'm sure. you may be able to make some sort of brushes to use on each layer.

EDIT: here I found a close up picture

( http://www.flickr.com/photos/gak/98074692/sizes/o/ ) see its all clumpy, it reminds me of patches of clouds (primary color greens secondary color transparent) with some releif added in.

ciao OMA

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If i made the branch in Paint.NET fully, don't you think that it would take pretty long time to copy n' paste a leaf, rotate the leaf, and then place the leaf? I aleready tried this method but that took even longer time that rotating copying and placing leaves in the 3D program.

I also tried to make my own mossy trunk texture, but the final result went into a bit nasty look.


I will try some more, but i need to experimentate a lot before i can get a good result. The problem is that the tree trunk needs to be seamless in the top and bottom, and the cloning tool doesnt help that much. :?

Any ideas or suggestions to effects, stepbysteps tuts, feedback, or other very helpfull replys is very welcome :)

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Thanks for the tip Down, i think it helped a bit. :)


That example you came up with there, welshblue is very nice. I don't think it looks like a tree trunk, but instead a really nice rock texture. Would you mind give a link to the "Height Field to Normal" plugin? It looks very usefull :wink:

I will try the new texture on the branch, and then i will post a pic next time i reply. :D

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I cut trees almost every day, so I really want to master this :roll:

The texture is from a stone tut', I just thought you may be able to do something with it.

viewtopic.php?f=44&t=27244 ... look for Bloopers post and the link for the plug in is there

when I did mine I used releif.

make log using shape 3d

new layer

1)clouds green primary second color 0 alpha. top slider around 21 bottom slider almost full over to right.

2) same shape 3d as your log

3) on cloud layer set tolerance at 0 wand a transparent area then control + i

apply releif

4) merge together.

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that's a pretty nice picture you got there welshblue.

If anyone want a moss effect like mine then try this out:

- Add a new layer :AddNewLayer:

- Render some clouds :Clouds:. Just use the settings you see below, if you don't want to customize it yourself.


- Go to "Adjustments -> Color to Alpha" and set Tolerance to 100 as shown below.


-Use "Color balance" or any other tool to give it a green look. (click on the picture to view the result as it is right now)


- Now use Hue/Saturation or any other tool to give it the right moss color.


The result should like like this:


How would you do it? :)

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Yes i have, i tried it before, but this tool mirrors the image, vertical and/or horizontal, wich sometimes gives a bad effect to the texture. I just tried it on the trunk texture and it seems to look fine, but as you can see, there is a horizontal line in the middle because the texture is mirrored.


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Hmm, i just found out that that picture isn't seamless. Dunno what went wrong in the above reply. Anyways. I did make it seamless. here is what i did:

- First i made the Canvas size bigger in height


- Then i copied the tree trunk into a new layer and aligned it down using Object Align


- You can now see that the treetrunk isn't seamless.


- I made it seamless by adding a new layer :AddNewLayer: & copying and aligning another copy of the tree trunk into the middle.


-Now i made a gradient using theese settings


-Then i made a gradient so it looked liked that


- Then i flattened :Flatten: , and copied the half of the trunk over to the top of the trunk.


- Now i used Canvas size :CanvasSize: 2 times to do delete the down part trunk. then i created a new layer and copied and aligned the trunk, wich is now seamless.


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