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Alpha Channel Transparency

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Hi folks,

I was reading an article on the net that was saying you can take advantage of png's alpha transparency for pixels so that an image's edges will appear nicely blended with any background, regardless of whether it's black, white, or whatever. It didn't give any instructions on how to do it though, so i've been messing around in Paint .NET for a little while with no success. Can anyone enlighten me with some info on how to do this?

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You can take an image and put it on a bigger canvas and blur/feather the edges, or use outline object...Or, if I'm correct, use alpha masking to do it. :?:

How it will look in the workspace is; a fade into a checkerboard. You just have to crop it down then.

Example below.



|- The Rules -|- çobblestones -|- CaMo -|- MeTaL -|


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