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How can I layer one image at an angle?

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I've been using Scrapbook Flair free software to make simple collages and scrapbook pages but saw Paint.net recommended so thought I'd try it. It seems great but I can't work out how to put an image at an angle on top of a background?

Like this page I made in the other software using a quickpage from pascaleA. In that I just drag the corner of the photo until its at the angle I want but I can't seem to do that in Paint.


I've tried the rotate tool but it seems to distort the image and then part of the edges are missing. If anyone can help please explain it VERY simply as I'm not very pc literate yet.

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very lovely

you say you tried the rotate tool

it actually sounds like you have the picture selected (those marching ants outlines are active around the picture.) it might be just a matter of deselcting the picture.

paste your image on a separate layer

then hit the deselect button :Deselect: (the are the sissors to the right of them the copy button the paste button the crop button then the deselect button)

then go to where it says layers (along the line its says file, edit, view etc)

hit rotate /zoom

change the box that says angle

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Oh you are a STAR. Thankyou so much I followed your instructions and Bingo.

I'm sure I'll have lots more questions to come but now I can angle pictures (and deselect images too)

Heres what I made, following these instructions, I can't take any credit for the fancy page - that was a free scrapbook quickpage (or ready made page) by Pam Lefors designs to which I just added the photos.

I know the photos I used are of really poor quality - they are over 30 years old and were very poor when taken they are all faded now but at least this is a way to preserve them and make them prettier to look at.


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that looks real nice. one thing you might keep in mind is that you are only doing this at 96 dpi. you might look into changing to a higher dpi if you are planning to print it out. (file>new and change the resolution before you start. ) that's of course if the downloaded page elements are in a higher resolution. You keep at paint.net and you can make your own elements and not have to pay for someone elses work.

also that picture on the left did you scann this ? try a bit higher dpi. then if you use sharpen+ at default then tanels highlight adjustment plugin you can sharpen it clearer. the one on the right sorry too out of focus to fix really well, but a little sharpen+ works a bit there as well.



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