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paint.net wont llet me open my file

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I saved my file as a jpeg then it sayed it saved it as a jpeg but opens with pdn then i changed it to open with another program then it didnt work so i put it back to open with paint.net and it changed to a pdn file type and woulodnt open at all it says there was an unspecified error while opening the file and i spent 3 hours on it

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Allow me to clear a few things up. Are you able to open the JPEG image in any other program?

Are you able to open the PDN image in Paint.NET?

How are you resaving the files - by File > Save (As) or manually retyping the extension?

Have you got a period (full stop '.') in the file name?

If you could answer as many of the questions as possible, that would help us to help you quicker. Many thanks, sbjch1997 :).

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