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Feature Request: "Edit with Paint.NET"

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Hey Rick, would it be possible for when you right click an image that Paint.NET supports there be a little "Edit In/With Paint.NET" option there. Just like there is "Play in Media Player" for media files etc. I'm not sure if this is hard to implement but it seems kind of easy. When I right click and go to "Edit" it opens up in InDesign and if I knew how to change that to Paint.NET I would.


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Yea thats a cool idea.

and it could work, too! :D

right click on the image and go to properties

there will be a line that says "Opens With:_____ Change"

click on change.


then browse for Paint.NET. once you find it, click on the checked box i've selected, so that type of file (JPEG, PND, etc.) always gets opened with Paint.NET


hehe just figured out how to take screenshot :P

i dont know if that is what you wanted, but now if you click on an image, or right click and go to Edit, it opens it in Paint.NET.

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During installation, you can choose to have PDN be the default editor for .png, .jpg, .bmp, and .tga images. If you choose this, all you have to do is right-click on the image and select Edit.

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