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[mRyan Designs] Mike Ryan's Gallery!

Mike Ryan

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Introduction.png - signatures.png - logos.png - misc.png


Well, my name is Mike but I s'pose many just call me 'Mike Ryan'. I once had one of

these things, but I had it closed down. Then I decided 'Hey, I make quite a bit of stuff

that just sits in idle folders, why not recreate my Pictorium gallery and get rid of some of it?'

and to me that sounded like a great idea. So, here is some stuff to enjoy look at:


I take great care with my design and flow when it comes to logos as they do tend to

represent a person, product, or company. So why be represented with pure rubbish?

As such, most of my fooling around deals with modifying text and creating a flow around

said text. I think this highly benefits a signature more than anything else, and it is in all of my work

Hidden Content:

Added and Created on January 5th, 2009








Just as much as logos, I also love signatures. Mainly because a signature is a fusion of

personality and logo. I don't think a signature is something to just throw a stock on

and then color up with custom brushes, but something that expresses yourself as a person.

As well, I have included all of my avatars that I could find along with their sister signature

Hidden Content:

(Added on 2/26/09 - Chaos Signature)



(My first signature, ever. And it won me a competition ;) )




















However, I do find myself sometimes working beyond my comfort zone and this is a

collection of just that: random stuff that I just 'did' whether it be for a competition,

a test, or pure boredom. I wouldn't expect too much addition here, heheh. Enjoy!

Hidden Content:









(That is all for now, but keep checking back!)

Introduction.png - signatures.png - logos.png - misc.png


Welcome to Mike.Ryan52's gallery, or should I say Mike Ryan? Remember when my username had that period? Remember me in my early days? How about some of my recent artwork lost to time and the other adventures of unrealism. Welcome to the archaic discovery of artwork created by the hands of Mike Ryan, and welcome to a limited time exhibit created for those wishing to see a dark side of my moon. Ask me for a revolution, and you know that I'll stick to my guns. Because in the end, I hold no quarter.

Hidden Content:

This image is a crossroad of old signature methods and my newer models. As well, if you search the forums for this username you may find an account with a similar signature. In fact, if I recall correctly you might even try Stegonagraphy to reveal what is beyond eyesite.


This image brings revolution to the motion blur 3-D technology by providng two blended objects through one visual angle, along with proper shadowing and shading. This is on my business cards, so if you ever see this design again you now know who this belongs to. I'd like to thank CMD for the tremendous amount of criticism he gave me during the creation of the final card, of which I will not post for security reasons.


This signature changes seasons from left to right using my emblem of initials as a bond of elements in an attempt to provide a highly visualistic view into my image manipulation and editing, something that was neither encouraged nor well recieved as a signature I only wore for some weeks.


Using motion blur, shading, and shadowing to create visual depth in a 3-D object. This was meant as a spreading piece so as to enjoy what is possible with Paint.NET using only built in effects. This also uses the motion blue technology to create its intricate styles and detailing.


A signature incompleted or a signature with no theme? That is all people could say during this pieces first unveiling, not realizing that I would be giving thanks to Paul McCartney by adding the text 'Sing the Changes' as a Paint.NET v3.5 celebration signature. This one, unfortunetly, died away.


This was created as a redesign idea with some working code and was contributed to Rick Brewster. He never responded. I guess he loves lack of organization and ads skewed everywhere as I attempted to bring focus to important areas while allowing space for advertising and other money making schemes.


One would think "Paint.NET cannot be ported to the Nintendo DS" but perhaps this artistic creation argues otherwise...


Many would believe that this would be on the back of a Tool album, or had it had more vibrant colors that it would be an OMA creation. But instead this is just me messing with Zoom Blur, Radial Blur, and Xor. Look at the patterns created by difference methods!


I begin to get my finger wet in realism as suggested by Oma. I like what I did here, but it just isn't my style. I wanted to finish the hand, but I didn't. This story applies to a lot of what I have contributed to Paint.NET: false truths, and promises that I could not carry out. This is a signal of who I was and who I am trying to put behind.


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When dealing with inverted versions of my artwork, you are seemingly dealing with my least favorite colors in design :)

I am going to start working on organizing my gallery and then get some of my larger artwork up with a list too all of my generated content (plugins and tutorials).

Also, no, despite what it may seem like I had no intention of the timing of my gallery to coincide with New Years, however it is most appropriate ;)


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Mike I totally love all your sigs and avai work. Clean professionally done work. I totally respect how they shows a high degree of polish, not just a render with edges blurred and smacked on top with some brushes.

That last one with the blue "M" is just magnificent.

I always enjoy looking at your gallery, keep those wonderful pieces coming.



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@HELEN: Right now, I am more concerned in learning how to replicate the process in different ways, and quicker. For instance, right now I am working on refining the edges of the shapes so as to create a better blur and toning effect. See the bottom of the post as an example.

@Oma: I am happy you enjoy my work. To have such high established Paint.NET artists recognize something within the art I create means a lot to me. Thank you :)

Now, onto business. I have been trying to get a different effect with the 3D shapes and letters. This time, the blending mode for the reflection doesn't rely on the color of the background like the blue one did, as well the edges of some of the letters are actually blended in a bit better. Perhaps when I am done, I will write a brief tutorial on how to create the effect. Also, one more thing: I didn't hollow out the letter as well as the blue one. The reason? I am trying to get this under ten steps, so the end part in which I do hollow out the letter is in the process of being shortened. If I am to ever write a tutorial, either I will have to get the end part under five steps or just include and .SLS with it, wich I really don't want to do :D



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