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Blending colors together

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I just started using Paint.net and I mostly do landscape painting. I've been searching the forums but still can't find or figure out how to blend colors when painting skies, clouds, water and such things that are needed in landscape work. Please help or direct me to the proper tut. Thanks.

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There are quite a few ways

one for beginners is the tut by ASH


it should get you started.

I do my skies differently prefering to use multiple layers and blur

there is also a smudge plugin by pyrochild that helps

hope that helps you get off to a good start.



PS check out the galleria I've a picture of a landscape in there that goes way beyond blurs ( using dithers, lasso and delete with multiple stretch and distorts, and little individual portions of pixel painting) you might find that interesting to look at.

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Thanks for the link. That one is for beginners???? whoaa..... I must be below beginner! :oops: Guess I need something more like a tut for using the tools in layers before I can do that one. I tried it and I got about 3 steps done and after that I guess I needed more detailed instructions on the tools. It did look really nice though, until step 4. I will look for a starter tut. :?:

Thanks again. ~Rko

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