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Contest: Logo Contest

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ok guys hears a contest that i think has a rather good prize...

Task: To Make A Logo for a website and forum.

Information on website: The website is an extreme sports website... its title is "XSP" or xtreme sports project.

The fourm is realeased (link below) the website, on the otherhand, is still in production...

Additional Info: Colors--- RED/BLACK

The size will be 800x200

Format: jpeg

Cut-off date: July 26th, which will give you 3 weeks to finish your piece.

Link to forum- http://z7.invisionfree.com/xtreme_sport ... p?act=site

Prize: The Peice that is the winner will be reconized on the fourm, and website... The website is public, so that will

give your peice publisatie you will be mentiond many times on the website and thanked on the forum.

If you have any question or comments about this contest please feel free to ask...

People Participateing In the Contest are as follows...(usernames in bold and underlined have their peice in)








And the winner is... JAKE2K!

Thank you all for entering...

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here's mine...


I still have it in .pdn if you want me to make it transparent and smaller?

Btw: The XS Stands for Xtreme Sports, because I wasn't sure what the title of your site was lol! But I could remove it if you think it's unnecisery.

Zacariem :lol:

EDIT: My official entry is lower down this forum.

They said we couldn't fly.

We did.

Anythings possible!


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