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How Do I Make Rainbow Colored Text?

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[off-topic]Yay my tut got linked to! :D:P[/off-topic]

Also, MusicManNick, you should know that Conditional Hue/Saturation with fade horizontal or vertical options, gives a rainbow spectrum effect to affects the whole canvas, selections won't work affect how it produces the rainbow spectrum either.

To get a full rainbow spectrum across your text you can do this:

  • [*:32ketf8y]Make a new canvas (Ctrl + N), then Ctrl + A, and hit delete.
    [*:32ketf8y]Write your text in a color (not black, white or grey)
    [*:32ketf8y]Then using Magic Wand :MagicWandTool: at 0% Tolerance click anywhere on the canvas, but not on your text.
    [*:32ketf8y]Ctrl + I (Invert Selection :InvertSelection: ), then Ctrl + Shift + X (Crop to selection :Crop: )
    [*:32ketf8y]Then use Conditional Hue/Saturation and you have rainbow text.
    [*:32ketf8y] :)

Merry Christmas


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