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removing text from a scanned item

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Hi all, i have just come across this message board while trying to find out how i can remove some text from a red coloured background, on a bit of paper i am scanning. I would idealy like the background to be plain white, as opposed to the current red colour. or can i just remove the text and place on a plain background. I'm not very familiar with paint.net or any other programs in the photo editing world. If this is not possible on paint.net does anyone know a good alternative please? i would like to keep it free and not have to buy any programs. I understand this is probably a long winded process but i really would like to do this. Thanks for your help and i lookforward to hearing from you.

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It can be fairly simple. Use the http://paintdotnet.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=1102 plugin to change the red color completely white. Set the "Conditions" section to contain only the red spectrum, and slide "Saturation" all the way to 0, then slide "Brightness" all the way up. Give it a shot. :wink:

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