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The Gift Making Topic!


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Hey everyone,

Thanks for entering my thread, I just want to take a brief moment of your time,

explaining what this thread it all about. Hopefully this thread will give begginers

inspirations. Ok. This is how the thread goes down. The person who posts below me will

be the first contestent he/she will have to make a gift sig/tag for me. Then that same person put in his post what he wants his sig/tag to follow (e.g: Dark/Light/Render or Stock/C4D type/Text style and so forth) then the person below him will post what he wants and make the tag/sig that the person above him wants. This will continue going on untill well lets just say untill its locked or no one pays attention to it.

The type for my tag will be= Related to Naruto/Text is up to poster/100% made in paint.net/

colourful/only on vocal point.

BEGIN! :lol:

P.S: You will messege the person above you the tag/sig you made.



"Maltese by colour, Catholic by heart, Paint.net by mind."

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No bumping. freemason, have you even READ the rules?. Use the old thread, we don't need more than one of these things.


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Amy: But how did it end up in there?
The Doctor: You know fairy tales. A good wizard tricked it.
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