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Request - Hidden Treasure

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Hi i'm pretty new to Paint.net I suck at art!

Could I request a tutorial, to draw something that takes the background color of whatever it is placed on and looks like its embedded into it.

i.e if I had a cutaway landscape (cartoony) and wanted a skull or bones in the soil, how would I draw these?

Thanks if any1 gives this a go!!

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try getting the drop shadow plugin, and then instead of having the shadow below the e, try putting the shadow about 5 px above the original image, and about 3 px to the left.

If you do not have the drop shadow plugin, then you can find it by searching.

Does this help?


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Hey yeah I just tried that here's what I got:




The problem is I have to resize them to 15pix by 15pix, and they go all messed up like this:


This is my attempt with them on the image i'm using, they don't look as good as I hoped,

I also wanted more of the background color to come through, therefore whatever color I change too it is reflected in the items:


Any ideas how to impove? :cry: Thanks for the help

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