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Feature suggestion: effect configuration option

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Many plugins aim to provide functionality with a minimum of configuration which is to be repeated several times. However, sometimes there are certain customisations which are not specific to the use's instance (eg. watermark text). This draws the developer to create configuration options for their plugin. These can be customised in one or more ways:

  • [*:24nouzzj]Manual editing of configuration files.
    [*:24nouzzj]A small utility to change configuration.
    [*:24nouzzj]An option within the effect's dialog to change settings.

However, each of these has its own problems:

  • [*:24nouzzj]Manual editing can be time consuming and difficult for less computer-literate users.
    [*:24nouzzj]Users have to find the utility when they wish to change an effect's options and may also be warey of running exe's (despite the fact that paint.net plugins have the same level of control).
    [*:24nouzzj]Not all plugins have dialogs (especially this kind) and some complicated settings may require a restart of the plugin (forcing the user to run the effect and then click cancel).

Thus I suggest a new menu item under "Options" by the name of "Configure Effects" that allows the user to select one of the effects marked with a new flag and thus launch a plugin's options dialog (launched in a similar way to normall effect configuration dialog boxes) in a similar way to these facilities in (to name .NET examples) Window Clippings and Windows Live Messenger.

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