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Sig Battlez!!!!


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kinda like sdoty but its not official or anything,,,just for fun.

The first 2(or as many people that battle is offering) people that post yes they want to battle, will face eachother.

ok so heres how we're gonna do this.

1. lets try to keep this all in one topic so plz, no spam replys getting everyone mixed up and confused. after 2 people have posted, DO NOT POST ANYTHING unless you have a question, or constructive comment.

2. okay so I am going to post the first week's rules on a new post right after this, it will include the theme and everything.

3. hold onto your sigs, when you are finished making them post ***FINISHED***. when both people have posted finish you send them to me and I will set up some sort of voting thing. QUESTION.... should we try to fit voting in this topic aswell, or make a new topic for just voting. I'm thinking one new topic for all voting.

4.If you win, you win Bragging rights, and a little something that i'll rap up :twisted: :twisted:

confusing? just ask if you don't get it...

and yes....you are allowed to do this more than once. you could do it every round :O

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Battle 1

Theme: christmas (where's your holiday spirit!)

Due Date: Monday 29th if you do not have yours in by then i will have to find some1 to take your place :(

** first two people to say "count me in" compete against eachother

** winner pics next theme**

Voting will start after monday 29th, or when both people have posted FINISHED


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Cool, going in for another match? I'll sit out now, let's just say that lightning doesn't strike twice. And niether does luck. :P

I've said on the other topic as well, for the next theme I thought it'd be cool to challenge people to explore a theme they haven't before, so it seems that a Wild-West and Country theme would do that relatively well. What do people think?

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