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A Lowly FroG's Gallery - Yay

F r o G

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I am a 13 year old oaf who has been using this for a while but only joined now...Yeaah...*Cough* Anyway....

Welcome to my working progress!

3125171261_9bd2a5a196_o.png 3123255451_198f3c84b3_o.png

A Corroded Avatar and Signature!

3124351624_b6fef8c1fa_o.png 3124397626_04ac064ac4_o.png

A FroG Avatar and Signature! YAY!

3126025744_072a590d63_o.jpg 3126050008_fc70252bb5_o.jpg

A "Snake" Avatar and Signature...

Random picture time! YAY!


Fire Planet thingy...can't remember if this is tut or not...no Shape3D though.


This is my try at a space scene...*looks at Helio* It's pitiful...I know...don't rub it in...


This is old...I like it though...but it's old...


Merry Christmas all!


Abstract! Oooh!


A box full of OLD creations! Tell me if you want to see any of the old ones (HA!) !

The rest is soon to come...

Critiscism requested, encouraged, and accepted (compliments are nice too...if I'm worthy)!

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Some nice stuff.

I liked your sigs the best... i still suck at making sigs...

you're spacescape was cool. it was way better than mine. the background for it was amazing. not sure about the glare though... it works, but i think it could have been better.

and your abstract was good too.

simple but interesting.

and was that test tube one entirely PDN?

PS. you're avatar is great too. i think i might just try that sometime...

great work! keep it up.


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