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What did you receive for Christmas 2008?

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This topic is designated for what you received this Christmas this year of 2008. I hope there isn't a topic like this already, i did a quick search to check, and didn't see anything (so i am sorry if there is). If you don't celebrate Christmas, please post what you received for whatever holiday you do celebrate :D

I just wanted to make this topic because we just had our family Christmas and I am trying out my new gift. The best gift I received this year was the Wacom Bamboo tablet. I am using it right now, and it is great!

Topic Rules:

-nothing inappropriate

-only post a maximum of 10 gifts you received (just kidding there is no limit, i was just saying this so i wouldn't be jealous).

-post gifts from whatever December/January 2008 holidays you received gifts from (does not include birthdays) :(

I guess there isn't that many rules... so have fun!

ask questions if i didn't give enough details on this :D

PS: somebody please help me come up with a better topic title, i couldn't think of anything because i was too anxious to try out my bamboo in Paint.NET :D

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Hmm, well I am getting 2x 2gb sticks of Ram for my Laptop and some good ol' (legal) Windows Vista x64. Then I got the v4.0 rulebook for D&D including the DM book and kit. Other than that which I bought myself for Christmas, I do not know :lol:

looks like you got a handful of stuff to be looking towards to :D This is the fastest i have ever seen people post, i think this is the best topic i have thought of yet!

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The thing about my family.. is that I know what I'm getting ahead of time.

MacBook Pro


Intel Core 2 Duo

15-inch widescreen

2GB Memory

250GB hard drive1

NVIDIA GeForce 9400M + 9600M GT with 256MB


The Dark Knight and a Wacom Bamboo Fun hopefully

Thats from all my family. The MacBook Pro will be from my parents.. the DK will be from my aunt and uncle.. and the fun will be from my grandparents. I have no idea what else I will be getting.. probably random clothes from pac sun and a gift card here and there.

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I have a medium bamboo fun. They are indeed lots of fun. :D

I'm glad to here. The medium is the one I'll get.

When we went to the Apple stor... (looks around for crimson)... Apple store, I actually talked to a genius who has a Bamboo Fun Medium and uses it on his MacBook Pro. What a quoincidence(I know I spelled that wrong, lol). He gave me a link to his dA but there is no art on it because he is getting his work copywritten in washington or something. I wasn't really listening because mainly he was talking to my mom. :P

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  • [*:37g2lhnz] The Nightmare Before Christmas-DVD
    [*:37g2lhnz] Moar Derwent Pastel blocks
    [*:37g2lhnz] A scarf that isn't 100% Acrylic fibre *laughs*
    [*:37g2lhnz] Desperate Housewives Season 4 DVD box

I'd like to see at least 2 of these, preferably the scarf and the Derwent Pastels.

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i got 400$, yeah early chrissy gifts ^^

ill buy a ipod chromatic or something tommorow, or a video, either way, im getting an ipod ^^

get a touch.
That is what i would want, even though there isn't too much memory available, it is worth the extra money. my sister got one of those for her birthday and now I am really jealous. back on topic now...


...I also received Photoshop Elements and Corel Painter Essential 3.0 in a software bundle with my Bamboo Tablet (though it still doesn't compare to Paint.NET) :D

...another present I am waiting patiently to receive from Rick is Paint.NET version 3.5 :mrgreen: (can't wait!)

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Waitt.. no fair. you get your presents early. :evil: :P

yeah, the only reason for that is because we have to go on a 11 hour road trip on tuesday night to north dakota from wisconsin. it takes a long time in the van and we need to have something to do, although i don't know how i will use my tablet then... :shock: oh well, i will just use Paint.NET on my laptop, without being on the forum for that long :cry:

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