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How do I fix this picture?

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I am new and already posted in the wrong section and broke rule #6. I hope I am not breaking anymore rules, if I am I apologize.

I am trying to fix some pregnancy pictures I took for a friend. She wanted to spell out her daughter's name Karter with blocks but only had 1 R. I have tried so many ways to fix them but am unable. If you could please direct me to a tutorial that would allow me to fix this and the other poses I would appreciate it.


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It's always better to do it yourself.

First of all, you'll need the alpha mask plugin. viewtopic.php?f=16&t=23203

Grab the line/curve tool :LineCurveTool: . Make sure the thickness is 2 and your primary color is something easily visible like pink. Add a new layer. Draw lines around the edges of the green R square (not the whole cube, just the square), like an outline. Then, grab your paint bucket tool :PaintBucketTool: and change the tolerance to 68% precisely. Fill around the outline you drew. Go to Adjustments > Curves. In the drop-down list, select RGB. Click on the graph and drag your dot to the bottom right corner. Add a new layer and fill it pure white. Move it under the black layer. Flatten, copy, undo, and paste into a new canvas of the same size. Save as mask.png.

Come back to your original picture. Hide the black and white layer. Duplicate the layer with your picture on it, and hide the bottom one. Run Alpha Mask, and select mask.png. See how it erases everything around the R, keeping the edges of it smooth? That's the purpose of alpha masking. Now, make the bottom layer visible again. Press M. Click and drag on you green square to move it where the fork is, and use the nubs on the side and corners of the image to resize it into place. Good luck :) Do ask if there's anything you don't understand.

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@Blopper: Or you could just select roughly around the brick face edges and copy into the new place with the aid of rotate/zoom. :wink:

Perfect for aliased results. When you're editing a picture like that, you want it as realistic as possible. :wink:

Kedney, you're welcome. :)

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