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Need help with my first orb!

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How exactly did you make it yellow in the first place? Depending on your method, you might try recreating that yellow section in a layer over top of the layer with the red circle. To get rid of any excess yellow, just switch to the red circle layer and use magic wand to select the outside of the circle(the part without color or white in this case) then switch back to the yellow design layer and delete or erase the selection. Then a simple radial or Gaussian blur should clean it up.

To get rid of the white, the best method would be to remake the orb on a transparent layer. To make your initial blank canvas transparent, just select all and click delete. You'll see what looks like a gray checkerboard. This indicates transparency. As far as getting the white out of the pic as it is...I'm not sure if that's really possible in PDN at this time without getting fairly choppy results. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong on this.

Edit: Oh, btw, if you do remake the orb, try making it on a bigger canvas and then chopping the excess off. You'll avoid squished circles that way.

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