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I need help

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to make a background just choose your color and then :PaintBucketTool: to fill the page then you can use :GradientTool: to give it a nice touch or you can add whatever you want then make a new layer and type the text you want make sure you put the font and size you want but you cant change it afterwards and if you want to move it around the use :MoveTool:

also change you title on topic and look at plugins extra effects and things that are very useful for anything you want to do!

edit:Also if you need anything else use Search to find anything you need

Also Tutorials

edit once agian: Read the Rules

and hope this helps!

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Hi Everyone --

New kid on the block. I am not sure this is the right place to ask a question. If not, please correct me and I'll do as asked....

My question is: How do I "emulate" the transparent mode paste function I use in MSPaint. I have a cross-hatch pattern of "x's" composed of just off-white lines on a transparent (null) background. The lines are RGB 254 255 255. The intent is to copy this, and then paste it on top of an image (e.g. a series of text characters). The result would be text in a "cross-hatched" font. In fact it would look something like the "Font Colour" matrix at right, but the font colors would be the text characters.

Anyone with ideas and suggestions, advice, counsel, and help, AND willing to share them will be a friend indeed....



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anaylaa: as has been stated already, do [rule=6]mind your topic titles[/rule] in future. We don't want to have to lock another of your pleas for help ;).

Don't be put off by this locking, you're more than welcome to ask for help again or contribute to the Forum in the future if you so wish.

Rontenfour: no need to hijack someone else's topic. If you have a new question to ask, there's nothing wrong with starting your own topic. So long as you run with the Rules, you'll be set on your way in no time at all!

Topic locked

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