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The easiest way to create Glass Buttons and Text *Pic Heavy*


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Yes, there's other tut's around on this, but since I do this a lot, I figured some people might want to know my technique to making glass styled buttons (Or Vista buttons, for those who don't know what they are).

Here's one rectangular button I whipped up in about 5 minutes:

Here's how to do it:

1. Open a new image 500x150. Delete the white background so it is fully transparent.

2. Get a colour, whatever you want. In this case, I'll be using Blue.

3. Using the rounded rectangle tool set to Draw filled shape, make a rectangle with some room at the edges, like so:


4. Duplicate the layer. Now going to Adjustments > Brightness/Contrast, darken it a fair bit. Different colours may have a different effect, so do whatever you like.

5. Now using the Gradient tool set to Transparency Mode, make the darker layer fade out about halfway in the picture. I find having the lighter shade on top looks best. Using your [b[Arrow Keys[/b], make the transition like as horizontal as possible. Combine the two layers.


6. Create a new layer. Using the Rounded Rectangle tool, make a white rectangle on the top of the button. Put the Layer Opacity to around 200.

7. Using the Gradient Tool, make the white layer as Transparent as possible, while creating a nice shine effect.


8. Go back to the button layer. Now, using the Outline Object Tool (Plugin, sorry but I don't remember where I got it) Make a White-Grey outline, with Width=2, Softness=215, and RGB=213.

9. Add a new layer, any set the Rounded Rectangle tool to outline. Use a darker colour like 404040. Now while zooming in, trace the button with the tool, much like a border. You can also use the pointer to adjust the size.

10. Duplicate the layer, and make the Grey lighter using the Brightness/Contrast like before. I put it to 60. Once it's lighter, use the Gradient tool to do the same as you did with the colour, creating a light effect. Here's the result:


Creating a Glass Circle:

1. Open a new picture, 500x500. Delete the white background.

2. Select the Eclipse tool, and select a colour (In my case, Yellow). While holding down the Left Mouse button and Shift, create a circle.

3. New Layer. I find darker colours like Red and Blue look better with darker shades, but colours like Yellow look better with darker colours, such as orange. So, using Adjustments > Hue/Saturation, I changed it to orange.


4. Using the Gradient set to Transparency Mode, do the same as before. You can also use Radial, but I prefer Linear. Combine the layers.


5. On a new layer, create a white oval at the top of the circle for the shine. Set the opacity to 200.

6. Use the Gradient Tool again on the shine, just like we did on the first one. Combine.


7. Create an outline of the circle using the Eclipse tool on a new layer. This time, make it Black, 4 pixels wide.

8. Duplicate it, Invert Colours, and make a Gradient fade halfway through.

9. Flatten the whole picture. Add another border using the Effect, make it a light Grey and 2 pixles wide.

10. It should look like this:


I like this one the best.

Making Glass Text

1. This one's fairly easy. First, on a transparent background, get some text (Bolder Fonts work best) and type whatever you want.


2. Duplicate, Invert, Gradient, and Flatten. You get the idea.


3. Make a darker border, Width=2. Now, create another border on top of that, making it a bit lighter. Make this one 1 Pixel wide.

4. And here you have it:


Using these techniques you can create some pretty cool things, combining the text with the buttons can make some pretty cool designs.


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