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Some kind of tilt correction plugin...

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On my digital camera there is a mode called 'Business Cards and Documents' which allows you to photograph any rectangular object, like a sheet of paper, against a contrasting background which is then rotated and tilted to give a flat image of the page. I find this very useful as it is a much faster way of getting documents onto my computer that using a scanner.

The thing is if I've taken a photo without using this mode it is very difficult to produce this effect manually. I thought it would make a great useful plugin for Paint.NET, although I don't really know how complicated it would be to implement.

Would anyone be interested in having a go at this? If so I can give more details of how the UI works.

Sorry to be so demanding on my first post, but you've got to start somewhere I suppose...

Cheers, Jon

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That's a pretty sweet camera you got there.

Anyway, to reproduce this manually:

1. Use the Brightness/Contrast plugin to make it black and white.

2. Use Rotate/Zoom (Ctrl + Shift + Z) and play with the settings until you get what you want.

Hope this has helped.

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