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Creaing a House Silhouette

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Hello Everyone,

I am trying to design a t-shirt/logo that would incorporate the house we live in. I am trying to convert a frontal picture of the house into a black and white silhouette suitable for printing on a t-shirt. I don't simply want to turn it into a black and white photo. I also want to add some effects to the black lines (i.e. make the rugged, drawn, blurred, etc.)

Does anyone have any past experience doing this or have any examples?

I can also elaborate more if need be.


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My reccomendation would be just making a new layer,and using the line tool over the various parts that you want to be on the t-shirt. The blurred line could be made with a blur effect on a line, and a rugged line could be created by using the jitter plugin (search plugins if you don't have it) on a preexisting line. You might want to fade your original picture a bit before you start work on you design, though, so you can more clearly see what you are doing.

hope this helps


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