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Urm.. "Blurred" Image?

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So, yeah, I'm still learning to use PDN, I'd like to know how to make a blurred image. Let's see.. Something like.. this.


Like the pictures behind the words. You can still see the image, but it's.. kinda blurred.

Thanks in advance ^_^

EDIT: Oh a small question. What is a... nub? I've seen several tutorials which say "Remember to take advantage of the nubs when.... "

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try going to effects->blurs->gaussian blur (or any other blur for that matter. Experiment and see which is best!)

nubs are the little glowy dots that you get when drawing a line or gradient. It's used like a handle, controlling where parts of an element go.

for instance, with gradients, the nubs are where the gradient starts and ends.

pressing F1 will get you a web page full of neat little factoids like this. They're full of useful information, especially to a beginning user (I know they were helpful to me!)

hope this helps.


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The effect behind the text there looks like the result of the text being semi-transparent. There's no actual blur applied to the background image, it's just tough to make out because it's being partly occluded.

Something like this


You can replicate this effect by creating a new layer ([Ctrl]+[shift]+[N]), typing with white text on that new layer, using the Outline Object plugin to give it a black outline, then double-clicking on the layer and lowering the Opacity slider in the dialog that pops up.

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