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newbie colors window question

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I just learned to use the color window. (very newbie) I have read all the help items I can find so I am sorry if the answer I need is there. Couldn't find it. The color wheel worked at first ( I was using the color picker tool). Now, whenever I type in my rgb's, hsv's, the numbers all switch back to something else. I can't get my numerical settings to stay up to actually see the color, or make a new color, never mind use it. I assume it is a simple user issue.

Anyone know what simple thing I am not doing?

Thank you.

I am humbled here.


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I'm not entirely sure what you mean. Keep in mind that RGB and HSV are two different ways of representing color. So whenever you change an RGB value, the HSV values will change and vice versa.

If that's not the issue and you actually can't change colors at all, when do the numbers switch back? Is it as soon as you click on something or immediately after you type something in? Does your color palette still work for selecting colors?

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I'm not sure I really understand you post either, but I would add that RGB and HSV values does not map perfectly, as they are based on mathematical computations, rounding 'errors' happen more than often.

In other words, one color in the RGB space won't necessarily match another one in the HSV space.

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